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Master Your Mindset, Cultivate your Communication to Win More Business

Thursday 27th June, 9.30am – 12.00 noon

Presented by NLCCE Member, Desi Christou, Desi Christou Coaching

  • Are you a nervous public speaker and want to feel more confident when presenting?
  • Do you simply want to polish up on your public speaking skills so that you can deliver compelling and impactful talks, speeches and meetings that command audience attention that can win you publicity, funding or more business?
  • Are you looking to become a more influential communicator that can increase your client base; whether in-person or online?
  • Are you interested in learning about how to master your mindset, body language and communication skills so that you can progress your career?
  • Do you want to understand more about how to structure a presentation, or have the ability to communicate with others in an influential way that will:
    1. make a powerful impact
    2. get more leads and win more business
    3. motivate and inspire
    4. land you a new job, promotion or pay rise
    5. deliver a powerful sales pitch or presentation that can increase your income

“In my previous role in TV Production, I learned the importance of radiating charisma, charm, and being compelling on camera. High ratings were crucial, so we ensured the content, structure, and contributors kept viewers engaged.

Similarly, presenting yourself to a business audience demands charisma, whether addressing one person or a hundred; online or in-person.”


What is covered in The Confident Communicator:-

  • How to develop a growth mindset for business and life
  • Discover the power of body language for positive impact on business growth and career progression
  • Learn how to utilise your voice to project charisma and credibility
  • Find out how to use your words to ethically influence to win more clients or progress your career


What else is covered in The Confident Communicator?

  1. Give you an overview of how much your mindset, body language, voice and presence impact your business success more than you ever realised
  2. Learn how to communicate more effectively to increase your business opportunities
  3. How to cultivate your mind for greater clarity, less stress and more progress
  4. Understand how you may be unconsciously self-sabotaging your own success without even realising it; and how to reverse this



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