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Business name: Tonia Millson

Nature of business: Psychotherapy and Life/Career Coaching and Training


Description: I believe that the journey to finding out what we desire begins with a question; each question is unique to the person and their journey. My passion from an early age was to help others and, throughout my career I have been guided by two principles: the notion that we are all equal and that happiness and joy are our rights are human beings. My work exists to help other people on their journey and to empower them to live their most authentic self.
Whether you need help in the corporate sphere (people and change management; adapting company culture; one-on-one or team leadership coaching and mentoring) or in a more personal capacity (feelings of anxiety, fear, depression, insecurity, lack of self-confidence and shame – labels associated with the challenges that we come across in our lives) my commitment to you is that I will work with you to achieve emotional and mental harmony and freedom.
Regardless of your needs, I have over 40 years’ experience and, having walked the corporate path in tandem with my Psychotherapist practice, I have concluded that, whether you wish to home in on your leadership skills at work, or you would like to receive career coaching or mentorship, or deal with your own personal challenges, the two worlds are interrelated and integrated – there is no polarity between our personal and professional selves – each of us thrives when we live as our authentic selves. You don’t have to take this journey on your own. I will walk closely with you, at your pace; that is my promise to you.


Tonia Millson does not have any offers at the moment.


Tonia Millson does not have any jobs at the moment.