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Business name: Ready To Make A Change

Nature of business: Author, Speaker, Life Coaching, Mentoring & Training

Business address: 30 Offham Slope N12 7BZ

Contact: Mrs Anna Stapleton

Telephone: 07866985742




Credentials: Accredited as Master Coach by the International Authority for Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M)

Description: My offerings – English & Italian

Support clients to set up or develop a successful business and
o Establish pathways to identify key issues which may limit their effectiveness
o Identify their limiting beliefs that hinder their progress
o Identify possible causes of self sabotage
o Support and guide them on how to take responsibility for their circumstances resolve problems
o Develop specific approaches and strategies that will enable them to move forward

The key to my successful coaching is the result of following the clients' agenda, taking time to listen and understand what they are dealing with and support them to resolve their issues.

I work on a one-to-one or on a group level, offering a variety of packages to suit each individual’s or group’s needs.

My coaching approach
The emphasis of my coaching is on emotional well-being. I highlight the importance of distinguishing between the logistical and the emotional elements of living a balanced life, including running a business. I have developed the “Defining Moment Coaching Process” which deals with the conditioning from the past, including the development limiting beliefs and how to avoid their negative impact. The ultimate aim is to obtain peace of mind and full self expression.

I published my first book in 2017 with the Italian version in 2018; The book - Defining Moments - Reclaim Your Power & Live The Life You Love, is at the foundation of the Coaching Process that I use in my work.;

I have also contributed a Chapter (The Pitfalls of Expectations) to the book published in January 2019 (Being Happy at Work -The Optical Edition – The book Your Boss doesn’t Want You to Read) by Garry Kousoulou

I am also the co-author of the book How To Win & Keep Clients published in Sep 16, 2019 through the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M).

My chapter paves the right path to success by embracing yourself – the importance of the emotional elements of running a successful business. Your success encompasses both the financial and qualitative aspects of life. Part one covers the “you” (how to take action) and part two covers briefly how to best combine the “you” with the other elements of your business.

More about my work experience

The transition between working within the corporate world and a home based consultancy business, has provided valuable insights and training in identifying the different requirements and demands on people working in these two diverse environments.

Some of the skills required to succeed in each of these environments are quite different both at a practical and psychological level. Not understanding the nature of the different requirements, could mean the difference between success and failure since they are not directly correlated to the technical skills required to carry out the job or running a successful business. Rather it is the attitude towards the job or business.

The experience of running a consultancy business with my husband for 25 years has also enabled me to discover what it takes to work together from home. The initial effort of harmonising the way we relate to business by creating a financial and emotional partnership has enabled us to create financial security for ourselves and the family.

A professional interest led me to join on a part time basis the Acute Care Services of the Mental Health Trust in an administrative capacity. This role enabled me to gain experience on the approach adopted in the care of patients through the Home Treatment Teams and/or admission of patients detained for treatment under the Mental Health Act.

My continuous participation over the last 25 years in personal development programs run by a variety of organizations, have enabled me to train and develop the skills to deal powerfully with every aspect of my own life issues as well as team development. I pass the benefits of these skills to my clients.


Ready To Make A Change does not have any offers at the moment.


Ready To Make A Change does not have any jobs at the moment.